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About Coleen and Her Art

Coleen 2023 copy.jpeg


Drawing, painting, sculpting and appreciating art have been part of my life as far back as I can remember.  I began my university career majoring in art at Ohio State University and finished my education at Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne Florida.  While my love of creating and appreciating art never changed; a career as a chemist and teaching chemistry and science research limited my time for creating.  I also was a wife and mother which took priority.  Now, in retirement, I am once again able to more fully focus on creating and appreciating the arts.

As an artist I consider myself an Intuitive Color Artist.  I prefer acrylic as it permits faster paint drying which allows layering of colors and enhancing the intuitive process I enjoy.  I also work with mixed media including polymers, resins and alcohol ink.  Whatever the materials, the process is what I find most enriching and inspiring.

Since college days I have enjoyed the study of patterns and combined with my love of nature I find myself often drawn to the natural patterns of wildlife and nature - especially zebras.  Living most of my life on the coastal areas of Florida has also inspired many shore bird creations.  Also, the blues and greens of varying water depth and movement influence many of my canvases to become abstractions of those layers of color.   The light, shadows, colors and sounds of nature are all sources of inspiration.

Whether I am creating a collage for my church depicting historical membership, painting, sculpting, designing for non-profits and missions or exploring a new medium it is done with a love of the creative process and a desire to share the finished art form with others.



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