Sculpture by Coleen Sculpture by Coleen 203831229 203831231 203831230 Younger Years, bronze 183062744 Younger Years Clay sculpture ready to be bronzed 178583373 Seated Lady in Bronze 183062709 Seated Lady Clay sculpture ready to be bronzed 178583375 200767819 200767820 Mary Did You Know? Front view of Mary Did You Know (in gallery) 187803763 Mary Did You Know? Back view of Mary Did You Know? 187803764 Maiden with Infant clay 59826933 Young Girl Ice Blue Finish 59826928 Native American Maiden Side view. Clay with bronze finish 127027287 Native American Maiden Front view. Clay with bronze finish 127027288 Native American Maiden clay with bronze finish 59826925 Native American Male clay with bronze finsih 59826935 Native American Male Back View. Clay with bronze finish 127028194 Kneeling Maiden Clay 89915668 Mother Teresa First clay model of Mother Teresa 59826926 Taliesin 59826932 Elfling clay with glaze finish 59826931 Merlin clay with bronze finish 59826936 Maiden with Cream Color clay 59826929 Native American Male II clay with bronze finish 59826934 Sculpture for Jason Clay with bronze finish 127027286 Arm Exercises Clay with metallic finish 127027289 Prayerful Thoughts of Mary in clay with bronze finish 127028192 Nick with Winkie Clay with bronze finish 127028193 Two Sisters Done for a friend of her two daughters. Clay. 127028195 The Gymnast Clay sculpture ready to be bronzed 178583374 203831207 203831208 203831209