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About me:  Drawing, painting, sculpting and appreciating art have been part of my life as far back as I can remember.  I started college at Ohio State University where I majored in Fine Art and finished my university years at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida.  While my career was teaching chemistry and research in Florida my passion for art and involvement in the arts never stopped.  While teaching and raising my three children I always tried to treat myself to special art time and was blessed to have my paintings and sculptures in shows and galleries as well as private residences throughout the U.S. and 2 countries in Europe.  

Now, in retirement I have entered the realm of the professional artist.  I currently have both a home studio and a studio at the Arts Council of Brazos Valley in College Station, TX.  I especially appreciate having a studio where I can both create and exhibit my art work.  It allows me to share the joy and therapeutic value that the arts offer.  Much as I loved teaching science to so many wonderful students in Florida I am finding the therapeutic value of creating art whenever I want to be a great life pleasure and gift that I hope to always share with others.

About my work:  When painting I prefer oil and acrylics as I enjoy the flexibility of change, layering of color and variety of textures they offer.  I have recently returned to a more abstract style and enjoy blending some of my classical training with a more free, intuitive style.  I also enjoy working with mixed media and combining alcohol ink, polymers and resins which provide a fun, glossy effect.  Whatever the materials, the process is what I find most enriching and inspiring.  

Most of my sculptures have been completed in clay - both water and oil based.  My fired pieces are treated with various paints and patinas while the oil based are taken to a foundry for bronzing.  

Since college days I have enjoyed the study of patterns and combined with my love of nature I find myself often drawn to the natural patterns of wildlife - especially zebras.  Living most of my life on the coastal areas of Florida has also inspired many shore bird creations.   The light, shadows, colors and sounds of nature are all sources of inspiration.

Whether I am creating a collage for my church depicting historical membership, painting, sculpting, designing materials for non-profits and missions or exploring a new medium it is done with a love of the creative process and a desire to share the finished art form with others.

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